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We thank everyone who supported the Munduruku Campaign to fight the spread of Covid-19 within our territory. We believe that we are reaching our goals, even if they yet to be completed.  Our associations have been working on this issue since April so that the majority of our people could have support during the pandemic. For us, support also meant that there was no lack of necessary materials needed to hunt or fish so that our people did not need to leave their villages to acquire food. At the same time, we are still making our own traditional medicines and medical ointments that have been in high demand.

Now we will continue to strengthen the alliances between the Munduruku associations of the Upper and Middle Tapajós– Wuyxaximã, Pariri and Wakoborun– to help our people and continue this work.

Your collaboration at this moment is very important! May our warrior Karosakaybu contribute to your health and life.

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